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Kyle Richards accuses Dorit Kemsley of ‘fuelling’ romance rumours with Morgan Wade

Kyle Richards has accused Dorit Kemsley of allegedly “fuelling” romance rumours with Morgan Wade.

Rumours of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s romance with the country singer continued when Kyle appeared in Morgan’s steamy music video, poking fun at rumours they are dating.

The reality TV star played the country singer’s love interest in the video for her song Fall in Love With Me.

In Part One of the reunion episode of the hit reality TV series, Kyle revealed she didn’t appreciate how Dorit brought up her marital problems with Mauricio Umansky on camera “when we are good friends.”

She also said that she didn’t appreciate Dorit’s comments about feeling replaced by Morgan Wade and noted how they don’t have a “kind of friendship” where they go out to lunch and hikes — things Kyle enjoys doing with her other friends.

Kyle continued: “That doesn’t mean you are not very important to me, I love you very much.”

Kyle and Dorit

“You knew that by saying something like that, it was going to create a bigger problem for me in the media with the whole Morgan situation,” she added, referencing ongoing rumors about a romance with the country singer.

Dorit defended herself by pointing out how the rumors existed well before she made her comments about the closeness of their relationship.

Dorit said: “I know your nature, if I say something that upsets you, you’re a punisher, you’ll shut me out.”


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“We hadn’t spoken in a couple months and all of the sudden you text me the day before the reunion, do you really think I’m an idiot?”

She confessed the message felt “very manipulative” and she didn’t have plans to come to the reunion to “destroy you.”

Kyle and Morgan enjoyed a trip to Paris together back in September 2023 and Kyle quickly shut down rumours of the pair’s romance.

Speaking about the trip during an Amazon Live that month, the 55-year-old explained: “We were in Paris shooting the documentary that you guys probably heard about online.”

“There’s just so many things out there online. I’m like, ‘Why do people just make things up, invent things about the trip?’ They see that there’s a camera there, and they completely ignore that there’s a camera there and act like we were I don’t even know what.”


“I’m like, ‘There were cameras there! Just get your act together.’ But yes, it was a great shoot.”

Kyle noted that the trip documented the European leg of Morgan’s tour, before adding: “It was all great. It was just a fun, fun girls trip.”

Kyle and Morgan also appear to have matching heart tattoos, and Morgan also has a ‘K’ tattooed on her inner elbow – which was inked by Kyle.

Despite the speculation, Kyle has insisted the pair are just “good friends.”


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