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Ariana Grande covers up Pete Davidson tattoo with a tribute to Mac Miller

Ariana Grande has covered up her ‘Pete’ tattoo with a tribute to Mac Miller.

The singer, who split from Pete just weeks ago, had a tattoo of ‘8418’ which was a tribute to Pete’s late father, who died in the September 11, 2001, attacks.

However, in a behind the scenes video of her new music video, the singer shows off her new ink which covers the former inking.


The 25-year-old singer covered the ‘Pete’ tattoo with a tribute to her ex-boyfriend Mac, who died of an overdose in September.

In the video, Ariana calls her friends to show her new tattoo, which is a shoutout to Mac’s dog, Myron, she says: “Look at my Myron, guys, come look. How cool right?”

Since Mac passed away, Ariana has shared a number of pics and videos with his dog Myron.


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