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What is ‘feral girl summer’ – and why is it trending on TikTok?

A new phrase has started trending on TikTok, and we’re here to explain exactly what it means…

While we’ve already broken down the origin of ‘hot girl summer’, social media users have coined a new phrase called ‘feral girl summer’ in recent weeks.

The hashtag already has millions of views on TikTok, as hundreds of users have taken to the app to share their plans for a ‘feral girl summer.’

@__mull ITS GO TIMEEEEE🐀 #ratproverbs #clubbing #AerieREAL #edm #fyp #summer ♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wulf

Being a ‘feral girl’ is basically the opposite of being ‘that girl’ who wakes up early to exercise, and drinks nothing but green juice.

According to TikTok, ‘feral girls’ simply do not care what other people think, and do what they want when they want.

Simply put, having a ‘feral girl summer’ is the act of causing good trouble no matter where you are.

@__mull I legit burn more calories dancing than in the gym #ratproverbs #feralgirlsummer #goingout #edm #fyp ♬ Slow Down – Sosa UK

Just last month, actress and comedian Rebel Wilson repeated the phrase on the TODAY Show.

When asked if she would be having a “hot girl summer” this year, Rebel answered: “I don’t know; I heard this thing called ‘feral girl summer.'”

The 42-year-old then explained that having a “feral girl summer” means you just “don’t care.”

@todayshow Forget #hotgirlsummer🧚🏽‍♂️ @Rebel Wilson mentioned how 2022 is all about #feralgirlsummer ♬ original sound – TODAY Show


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