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How to make your dating profile stand out

We all know dating is hard these days, and it can be particularly difficult to leave a lasting impression on dating apps.

You have to worry about choosing the right photos, what to write in your bio, how to stand out among the crowd and so much more.

Well, we completely understand the struggle, so we’ve come up with 7 pieces of advice on how to make your dating profile stand out on any app.

Take a look:

Avoid clichés

Everyone likes a “nice walk on the beach” or “sitting in front of a bonfire.” That doesn’t mean you have to say it.

Think of things you like to do in your spare time that people would find interesting or engaging. Listing specific activities you like — such as hiking a specific trail or watching specific movies — will make you stand out and allow for easier conversation.

Smile, don’t pout

What’s more inviting than a wide, genuine smile? It’s proven that people prefer to see big and happy smiles in dating profile photos rather than just sexy pouts.

Smiles make you seem more enticing and approachable, especially ones where you’re laughing or having a good time. The more candid, the better.

Choose action shots

Profile photos that demonstrate you doing your favourite activities — like running, doing yoga or even skydiving — get more messages.

People engage more with photos that show some sort of action because it gives more of an insight into that person’s daily life.

Also be sure to choose recent photos. If they’re more than a year old, don’t use them. People want to see what you look like now, not five years ago.

Be honest, positive and kind

Lying gets you nowhere in the dating world. So be honest, and avoid negative tones.

Your dating profile is a lot like your CV, and you wouldn’t want any future employer to read anything negative, right?

Boost your profile by being positive and honest about yourself. And always be kind to yourself and others — no one wants to talk to someone who’s rude.

Be specific

Don’t be one of those people that just says “hey, how’s it going?” to start a conversation on a dating app. Instead, take the time to actually go through someone’s profile and find something meaningful to point out to start the chat.

In addition, if you’re asked a question about, say, your favourite travel destination, be specific with your answer. Say where, when, why, etc.

A specific answer will bring your profile to life!

Think outside the box

However, it’s important to not give too much detail.

If you’re asked about dating dealbreakers, don’t give the generic answers regarding height, weight, hair colour, etc. Be unique and say something funny like “must like dogs” or “must like pineapple on pizza.”

Giving generic appearance-based answers makes you seem unapproachable, and that’s the last thing you want.

Have fun

Most importantly, remember to have fun with your dating profile.

Most people looking for love on dating apps prioritise having fun with someone above all else, so be sure to show off your sense of humour.

Don’t take your profile too seriously and try to make people laugh — it’s a great way to start off a conversation (and a relationship).


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