Home Photos Pippa O'Connor insists her Fashion Factories are not a 'scam'

Pippa O'Connor insists her Fashion Factories are not a 'scam'


Pippa O’Connor has taken to Snapchat to deny that her Fashion Factories workshops are a scam.

The style blogger came under fire from angry fans who didn’t secure tickets to the events and labelled them a “scam” as a result.

Pippa’s Fashion Factories are immensely popular with many selling out in minutes leaving many disappointed they didn’t get a ticket.

The 31-year-old took to Snapchat to address the controversy and insisted her events are completely legit.

Pippa sold

Not true: Pippa took to Snapchat to set the record straight

“Tickets for the New Year all went on sale this week,” she said.

“There’s been a lot of annoyed people – disappointed people is fine I understand that.”

“But for the past four days there’s been loads of comments that it’s scam, or there must be pre-order and how can that many tickets sell out so fast,” she added.

“So to clarify – it’s not the Point Depot, I’m not selling thousands of tickets… it’s 200/300 tickets depending on the venue.

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In demand: Pippa’s workshops have proven hugely popular with fans | VIPIRELAND.COM

“When hundreds of people are logging on at once at 10 a.m it’s just a  queuing system, and I know it’s annoying if it’s two minutes past and they’re all gone,” she admitted.

Pippa pleaded with her followers to stop sending abusive messages when they don’t get a ticket.

“But please don’t send us abusive emails or Facebook messages or Snapchats – I’m not lying about anything, they’ve all gone on sale at once!

“There’s no big conspiracy theory!”