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Pics: See ALL the Rose of Tralee contestants – and which girls are tipped to win


Yes it’s that time of the year again already. The annual Rose of Tralee contest takes place on Friday August 15th – 19th.

And we have all the winners right here, plus who is tipped to win the competition. Paddy Power are giving odds on the competition this year, take a look:

Cork Rose - Anna Geary

Cork Rose – Anna Geary with odds of 7/2

Nottingham Rose - Claire Regan

Nottingham Rose – Claire Regan with odds of 4/1

Sligo Wedding Photography

Carlow Rose – Miriam Smyth with odds of 4/1

Philadelphia Rose - Maria Walsh

Philadelphia Rose – Maria Walsh 6/1

Leitrim Rose - Zara Healy

Leitrim Rose – Zara Healy with odds of 6/1

Galway - Nicola Corcoran

Galway Rose – Nicola Corcoran with odds of 13/2


Abu Dhabi Rose – Patrice McGillycuddy with odds of 13/2

Kerry Rose - Mary Hickey

Kerry Rose – Mary Hickey with odds of 7/1

Laois Rose - Teresa Maria Brennan

Laois Rose – Teresa Brennan with odds of 8/1

Scotland Rose - Michelle Kelly

Scotland Rose – Michelle Kelly with odds of 12/1

Clare Rose - Joanne O'Gorman

Clare Rose – Joanne O’Gorman with odds of 16/1

Darwin Rose - Natalie Kelly

Darwin Rose – Natalie Kelly with odds of 22/1

Head and Shoulder Portrait

New Zealand Rose – Lisa Bazalo with odds of 25/1

Luxembourg Rose - Niamh Bergin

Luxembourg Rose – Niamh Bergin with odds of 25/1

Derby Rose - Aoife Broderick

Derby Rose – Aoife Broderick with odds of 25/1

Dublin - Roisin Lyons

Dublin Rose – Roisin Lyons with odds of 25/1

Donegal Rose - Tamara Payne 2

Donegal Rose – Tamara Payne with odds of 25/1

Dubai Rose - Ailis Hughes

Dubai Rose – Ailis Hughes with odds of 25/1

Boston & New England Rose - Michelle Prior

Boston & New England Rose – Michelle Prior with odds of 25/1

Perth Rose - Sinead Lehane

Perth Rose – Sinead Lehane with odds of 25/1

South Australia Rose - Sarah Harrington

South Australia Rose – Sarah Harrington with odds of 25/1


Manchester Rose – Mairead Hussey with odds of 25/1

Toronto Rose - Katie Blundell

Toronto Rose – Katie Blundell with odds of 25/1

Western Canada Rose - Catharine Joyce

Western Canada Rose – Catharine Joyce with odds of 40/1

Queensland Rose - Ashlinn O'Neill

Queensland Rose – Ashlinn O’Neill with odds of 66/1

Sydney Rose - Imelda Finnegan

Sydney Rose – Imelda Finnegan with odds of 66/1

Texas Rose - Cyndi Crowell

Texas Rose – Cyndi Crowell with odds of 66/1

Kentucky Rose - Claire Curran

Kentucky Rose – Claire Curran with odds of 66/1

Arizona Rose - Sarah Hines

Arizona Rose – Sarah Hines with odds of 66/1

North Carolina Rose - Nancy Boyce

North Carolina Rose – Nancy Boyce with odds of 66/1

Southern California Rose - Kathryn Anne Bergman

Southern California Rose – Kathryn Anny Bergman with odds of 66/1

Washington DC Rose - Allison Wetterauw

Washington DC Rose – Alison Wetterauw with odds 66/1