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Thalia Heffernan admits that she hates being forced to wear real fur


Thalia Heffernan has admitted that she hates being forced to wear real fur on some modelling jobs.

The Dublin native, who regularly supports animal welfare associations and studies advanced animal psychology, revealed that having to wear real fur is one part of her job that she hates – but she can’t avoid it.

“For certain jobs I’ve had to wear fur in the past but I wouldn’t have been pleased about it,” she explained.


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“It’s a hard one because sometimes I go to a show and I won’t know what the clothes are until I get there – so I don’t really have much say of a say in the matter.

“It’s something I’d like to work on. But I wouldn’t wear fur, in my own time.”

Aside from her struggles with wearing real fur, Thalia also admitted that growing up in the modelling industry as a teenager was really hard.

“I didn’t have that much time for a social life as a kid because I was always working,” she told Irish Tatler.

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“In school, I would fall behind a little bit. I was able to do it, but it was hard work – I’m not going to deny that.

“I definitely felt different. It was almost like I had multiple personalities for a while. I was bouncing from being in a work environment to being a schoolgirl, taking the p**s with my friends and stuff.

The beauty also revealed that at the vulnerable age of 15, she always felt different.

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“I was well able to take any of the slagging I got. But…it’s hard when you’re 15, you’re at a vulnerable age.

“You feel different already and I was a big lanky thing, so I was kind of always different,” she added.

Meanwhile, Thalia is just back from soaking up the sun in the Philippines with her artist boyfriend Maser.