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Irish models praised for their charity work in Zambia

Some of Ireland’s top models have been praised for the work they have done over in Kabwe.

Limerick model Madeline Mulqueen has teamed up with fellow models Irma Mali, Teo Sutra and presenter Siobhan O’Connor for a project called Catwalk to Kabwe.

Since landing in Zambia this week, the girls have been busy building shelters.

catwalk siobhan

Making a difference: Siobhan O’Connor in Kabwe | ZAMDA IRELAND

catwalk irma

Hard work: Irma Mali got stuck in | ZAMDA IRELAND

catwalk teo

Making a difference: Teo helped build shelters in sweltering heat | ZAMDA IRELAND

Charity group Zamda Ireland thanked the fashionable ladies for all their hard work in a sweet Facebook post.

“Catwalk to Kabwe: Never in the history of Sables Nua has so much been done by so few in such a short period of time,” they wrote.

“The Catwalk to Kabwe Crew have been tearing into the work! In temperatures of 34 degrees+ the work has continued non-stop.

“In the country for a mere thirty-six hours the ladies have shown that they can strut their stuff with shovels and cement mixers just as well as they can shimmy down the fashion catwalks!”

zamada madeline

Arriving: Madeline and Teo | ZAMDA IRELAND

zamada siobhan2

The Irish flag: Siobhan greeting children | ZAMDA IRELAND

Also joining the girls on their charity trip is Straywave Media producer John Norton, with the journey all captured on film for an upcoming RTE documentary.


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