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EXCLUSIVE! Aoibhinn McGinnity admits: 'If Love/Hate comes back I want to be a part of it'


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Aoibhinn McGinnity has revealed she would love to make a return to Love/Hate if it came back.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie at the Stellar Shine Awards 2015, the RTE star insisted that the crime drama would remain as well-written as ever.

When asked if she would want to appear in the show again, the brunette beauty admitted she would jump at the chance.

“Yeah if it came back, you know what if it came back it would be brilliant, there’s no way it wouldn’t be,” she said.

Love/Hate - Series 5

Love/Hate: Aoibhinn has a fondness for the hit crime show

The Monaghan native, who rose to fame as Nidge’s wife Trish on the hit gangland show, opened up about Love/Hate being one of her first acting role.

“I’ve such a fondness for that show, not just because it took off but because it was one of my first jobs,” she said.

“I loved the cast, the crew, absolutely every single part of it, every single part of that was just great fun.”

RTE launches new season of programming Autumn Winter 2013/1014 

Star: Aoibhinn opens up about the Love/Hate comeback | VIPIRELAND.COM

Viewers were left with a cliff-hanger at the end of series five with rumours suggesting that John Connors, who plays Patrick, could become the new King Nidge.

Opening up about whether she believes Patrick could take over from the notorious King Pin, Aoibhinn insisted it will be “done well” if the show follows that storyline.

“It’s so hard I’d say, I mean I can’t imagine trying to write anything like that anyway in the first place,” she told Goss.ie.

“But for it to be led on from the position it was left in is like a serious challenge but if it happens it will be done well.”