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Cold feet! Daniel O'Donnell dreading Strictly Come Dancing Cha-Cha

Daniel O’Donnell has admitted he’s getting cold feet about his next dance —after being hit with a cold.

Although being a little under the weather, the Donegal crooner revealed BBC bosses have given him the dance he feared most, the Cha-Cha.

“I can’t say what it is but it’s the dance I didn’t want. It’s a tough one. It’s not the Cha Cha but it will be very tough,”he said.

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Cold: Daniel revealed he’s suffering from a cold ahead of performing the cha-cha | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I can’t say what it is. I’m hoping they put a bit of an Irish theme into it again.”

Opening up about his sickness, the 53-year-old has revealed it has knocked him for six but the show must go on.

“I’m starting to take medication for it but the show has to go on. As long as it doesn’t go into the feet. If I get foot and mouth I’m finished,” he told Highland Radio.

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Nervous: Daniel opened up about how nervous he was performing his first dance

Meanwhile, Daniel revealed his nerves got to him during his first dance last Friday night as he forgot who dance partner was.

“I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t know who Kristina was for a minute. My mind just went and the nerves got to me,” he admitted.

“I’m just hoping I’m not going to be as nervous this weekend.”


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