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EXCLUSIVE! Storm Keating reveals the Irish star who has got their hands on her new boot range


Turning her hand to shoe design, Storm Keating has revealed friend and fellow fashionista Vogue Williams will be one of the first people to get their mitts on her new boot range.

Collaborating with Stivaleria Cavallin for her new venture, Storm Boots are bespoke over-the-knee shoes that come in three colours which are made to measure.

Speaking to Goss.ie about the new style project, the Aussie beauty admitted her Dublin gal pal Vogue got a sneak peek at her boot collection before she had even finished the design.

“One of my favourites is Vogue, I just love her to pieces and she was one of the first people to see the boots,” she said.

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“I texted her some photos of them before anyone else had ever seen them when I was still working on the design.

“When she first saw them, she went, ‘They’re amazing’ and I asked her, ‘are you sure? Do you think they’re going to go well?’ and she said ‘they’re gorgeous, I’d love a pair.’ So of course I said ‘I’d love to give you a pair’,” she admitted.

“She’ll be wearing hers soon – she just got measured during the week. They’re bespoke, made to fit her leg.”

The new boot range is apart of the Positive Luxury campaign which the TV producer is a brand ambassador of and very passionate about.

Making quite the impact online, the blonde beauty, who tied the knot to singer Ronan Keating in August, revealed she’s been inundated with requests already from style stars trying to nab a pair of her boots.

“I’ve had quite a few people DM on Twitter and ask ‘where can I get your boots?’ I’m sure people are going to start seeing them on different people, here, there and everywhere,” she said.