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Storm Keating confronts Jennifer Maguire on 2fm: 'Republic of Telly was much better without you'


Storm Keating appeared on 2fm’s Breakfast Republic to clear the air with Jennifer Maguire…sort of.

The Aussie beauty was invited on after Jennifer told the nation her birth name was Sharyn.

Storm took to social media to post a copy of her birth certificate that proved her first name is Sharyn, but she has gone by her middle name Storm all her life.

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Kiss and make-up: Storm and Jennifer buried the hatchet on 2fm

Co-host Keith was on hand to help Storm deliver some classic Irish slagging to Jennifer in revenge for her name gaff.

“The Republic of ┬áTelly was much better without you,” Storm said.

“You have a very big forehead, I heard it’s like the thirty-third county,” they joked.

The TV producer delivered the final blow with a playful dig at Breakfast Republic’s ratings.

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Insults: Storm took part in some good old fashioned Irish  slagging

“I was worried about you saying Storm was not my real name on your radio show, but it doesn’t actually matter because no one listens to it,” she laughed.

Ever the comedian, Jennifer pretended to break down in tears after Storm’s not-so-serious digs.

“I can’t believe that you said that, I’m actually really upset. I’m just going to take a minute,” she said.