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8 Reasons Why The Irish Version of First Dates Will Be Completely GAS


First Dates Ireland is getting ready to start soon and we’re very excited to see if it lives up to the very successful UK version.

The show has had thousands of applications from singletons of all ages and we can’t wait to see how they handle having their dates filmed for the nation to witness (and cringe at).

The Gibson Hotel in Dublin has recently been revealed as the location the daters will head to in their quest to find the one and with the show just around the corner, Goss.ie brings you our 8 reasons why we can’t wait for the Irish First Dates.


1. You’ll probably know someone on it

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First Dates brings together people from all over Britain to a restaurant in London to see how well they like each other.

There’s over 60 million people packed into the UK to choose from but that’s not the case in Ireland.

With a much smaller pool of daters, chances are you’re probably going to know at least one or two people on the show, especially if it gets renewed for a second series.

What could be better than watching your older sister’s best friend’s cousin make a complete and utter fool out of themselves on RTE 2? Not much.


2. The craic will be had

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Irish people have a very unique sense of humour.

With the proliferation of American and British TV, we don’t see enough of our own comedy on the small screen.

First Dates Ireland will be comedy gold because when the dates start to get awkward, they’ll just become desperate to make each other laugh.

“Republic of Telly is gas isn’t it?”

“So have ya ever gone for the Rose of Tralee?”


3. They’ll probably have met before

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Ireland is a small country and everyone knows everyone through one connection or another.

Some of the daters are bound to have a few mutual friends between them.

People on the UK version have even realised during their date that they matched with each other on Tinder before, can you imagine what that’ll be like in Dublin?

“Have we met before?”

“I think we shifted in Coppers after the All Ireland final last year.”


4. The bathroom phone calls


Fans of First Dates will be aware of the fact that many times on the show, daters take a quick trip to the loo to call a friend to tell them about how the date is going.

This is great for the viewers as it lets us know how the daters really feel about the person they’re trying to make a connection with.

It doesn’t matter how much they smile or pretend to laugh, the bathroom phone call is when the truth really comes out.

We hope that First Dates Ireland keeps this aspect of the show in tact and encourages those daters to get dialing.

“She’s alright like, but she’s no Grainne Seoige.”

“He smells like Tayto crisps.”

“She’s like a young Teresa Mannion.”


5. The characters

gif 2

Reality TV producers always try to give viewers interesting characters to remember and Ireland is already packed with them.

We can’t wait to see the types who will walk into the Gibson with love in their eyes and condoms in their pockets.

The D4 princess, the Dublin hun, the country bumpkin, the GAA head and the Tallafornia wannabe are all bound to make an appearance.

Are the Ballsbridge beauty and the Kerry dairy farmer destined to be together? We can’t wait to find out.


6. The awkward moments

gif 3

In fairness to First Dates, the show does make the effort to match singletons up with people they think will like each other.

Unfortunately, TV producers can’t predict the future and sometimes the pairings really don’t get along at all.

We can already picture the dating disasters that are inevitably on their way.

“You’d be much better looking if you lost a little weight.”

“You’re gorgeous…you remind me of my mam.”


7. They might end up on a date with their long lost cousin

gif 8

This is the worst case scenario.

Like we said, Ireland is a small place and you have no idea who you’ll be meeting until you walk into the restaurant.

“Oh you have a cousin named Aisling? Me too.”

“Your last name is McCarthy? Mine too!”


8. Most important of all, the romance

gif 6

Quite a few participants of First Dates UK struck gold with their date.

Several daters have gone on to have relationships with each other and two couples even got engaged last year.

Could a First Dates Ireland wedding be in the future for some of our starry-eyed hopefuls? We’ll have to wait and see.