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Angela Scanlon on the tough world of TV: 'I don't wound easily'

TV presenter Angela Scanlon has opened up about the tough world of TV – admitting she doesn’t “wound easily”.

The flame-haired beauty admitted you need a thick-skin and resilience for the industry.

“If somebody decides you are not right for the gig or your ideas don’t work, you can’t get wounded, you can’t just cower in the corner and give up,” she said.

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Thick skin: Angela admitted you need a thick skin going into the media industry

“I pitched ideas for fashion stories to magazines for years. And it was often; “No, no, nope, next”, or worse, just silence.

“Relentless is not the sexiest word to describe yourself. But I will say I am resilient. I don’t wound easily,” she told the Sunday Independent.

Known for her reality bites series Close Encounters, Full Frontal and Oi Ginger, the RTE star admitted a lot of her career is out of her control but insisted it’s important to be pitching ideas to stay successful in TV.

“More and more, working as a presenter, that’s something that you have to do, to come up with your own ideas, something that is authentically linked to you,” she explained.


Out of control: Angela admitted working as a presenter is out of your control when looking for work

“That you then hope RTÉ or whoever will see the value in, and see that you are the person to do it.

“But working as a presenter, so much of it is out of your control. You are always pitching, always looking for gigs,” she admitted.

“But a lot of the time, you have no idea why one thing works and the other doesn’t.

“You’ll find some producers will just decide your face doesn’t fit and there’s nothing you can do about that,” she added.


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