Crisp lovers rejoice! Tayto are opening the BEST Christmas shop

Shoppers will be treated to some really tasty treats


Tayto are opening up the best Christmas shop yet – their Crispmas Workshop.

The crisp brand have teamed up with Arnotts to take over their window space, that has previously hosted other pop-up shops for delicious treats like custom Magnum ice creams, a selection of Aungier Danger doughnuts and yummy Scrumdiddlys.

In the shop, customers will have tasty crisp sandwiches made fresh in front of them.

The Tayto Twitter unveiled their window in Arnotts – and the always charming Mr. Tayto was there too.

“Come visit me at Arnotts for all your gift and crisp needs,” Mr. Tayto told his fans.

There will be a selection of four crisp sandwiches available – Cheese and Onion Crispmas Classic, Salt and Vinegar Santa Sambo, Smokey Bacon Bells Buttie and Prawn Cocktail Tinsel Treat.

Sandwiches are just €3 and opens up tomorrow up until Christmas Eve.