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Cheryl shares first photos of son Bear

Cheryl recently launched a range with Easilocks

Cheryl Tweedy has shared the first photos of her son Bear.

The singer has kept her son with Liam Payne majorly out of the limelight all year, but decided to give fans a glimpse of her little man on social media.

Taking to Instagram Stories Cheryl shared her top moments of the year, and alot of them include her son.

Sharing a photo from his first birthday, Cherly said the celebration was an important day for her and Liam.

In more photos Bear’s blonde hair can be seen in a ponytail.

Although none of the pictures reveal Bear’s face, fans have finally got to see their little boy.

Cheryl told her followers Bear has been learning to “juggle”, sharing a gorgeous photo of Bear in his nappy listening to music on a pair of earphones.

In another picture Bear can be seen in cute green wellies, playing with a football.