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The Osbourne family is set for a RETURN to reality TV

The British reality TV stars are close to signing a deal


Kelly Osbourne has revealed that her family’s reality TV show The Osbournes is set to return.

The show which followed parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne along with two of their children Kelly and Jack was axed in 2005 after a three year stint on TV.

14 years later, the now 35-year-old said that the family are close to accepting an offer to bring the show back.


Speaking on PeopleTV’s Reality Check she said: “I’m not joking, every single year about every three months or so someone else gives us another offer and we keep saying no.”

“It keeps coming ’round.”

“Right now there’s another offer on the table and I think this is the closest we’ve ever come to accepting one,” she explained.

The show ruffled feathers as it saw the fiesty family row intensely with one another.

“I think that is the most raw and vulnerable you will see any family on TV.”


“The first season was such a magical time in my family’s life because we had no idea what we were doing.

“We had no idea that the show would be so successful.”When I signed the contract for MTV, I was 15 years old and to see what it turned into, we didn’t know how people would perceive us or anything.”

“And then suddenly wake up one day and literally be one of the most famous 16-year-olds in the world just being yourself.”

The family’s third child, Aimee, refused to partake on the show and was blurred out of any family photos in the background.

Instagram | Ozzy, Jack, Kelly, Sharon and Aimee

8 episodes of the show were filmed in 2014 for a revival, however, the family and MTV decided not to continue filming or air the shows.

In 2016 the family aired The Osbournes Podcast on their website.

Since the same year, Jack, now 34, starred in 3 seasons of Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour alongside his father.