Home TV Love Island: Anna KICKS OFF as Jordan cracks on with India

Love Island: Anna KICKS OFF as Jordan cracks on with India

"So he is basically cheating on me?"

From ITV Studios

On tonight’s Love Island, Jordan admits to Curtis that he has had his head turned by newcomer India.

It isn’t long before Curtis confides in Maura about what Jordan said – and the Irish model is shocked.

Maura maintains her loyalty to Anna and tells Anna what’s going on.

“Jordan is cracking on with India,” she reveals.

“So he is basically cheating on me?” Anna asks. Maura replies: “Yeah basically.”

Anna confronts Jordan, who has pulled India aside for a private chat.

“You like her?” she asks.

From ITV Studios

“Maura just told me. Do you like her? Yes or no,” she continues, as Jordan denies saying he likes India.

“You just asked me out and you like her?” Anna continues.

“Are you that how much of an idiot you are? What the f*ck” she asks in a rage.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm. 

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