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Irish women praise The Hospital Group for changing their lives: 'I lost 7 stone – now I'm a size 12'


Women and men around the country have praised cosmetic surgery company The Hospital Group for changing their lives.

The popular Irish company have been helping people lose weight, with their gastric band surgery and weight loss programme.

The Hospital Group has helped many patients lose as much as 10 stone and 99% of their patients lose weight

The band can be adjusted to control your weight over your lifetime and is Ultimately reversible, and is now only €6995 with easy pay options.


Irish mum Audrey had reached 18.5 stone after having children.

She’d started putting on weight at 18, but went to 16 stone after her first baby.

After further weight increase with her 2nd child, she turned to The Hospital Group for help and chose the gastric band.

She’s now lost 7 stone and is a slim size 12. “The kids think they’ve got a new Mammy” she said.

Watch her story:

And Audrey isn’t the only person who has seen the benefits of the gastric band.

The surgery, which works by decreasing the size of your stomach, so that you feel full sooner and for longer, has helped both men and women alike.

The Gastric Band is placed around the top of the stomach.


Transformed: Audrey now has a better quality of life

It is a ‘confining’ device that is placed around the upper part of the stomach during Gastric Band Surgery making the stomach into an ‘hour-glass’ shape.

The new, small, upper stomach pouch is about the size of a golf ball, with the larger part of the stomach sitting below the gastric band. As the new, smaller, upper part of the stomach quickly fills with food, the sensation of being full is achieved sooner and provides the signal to stop eating.

Further, the ‘flow’ of the small portion eaten through to the lower part of the stomach is controlled by the Gastric Band, helping you to feel fuller for longer.

How it works:

Gastric Band Aftercare

After your surgery you will have an unlimited Gastric Band aftercare support package:
– Clinical band adjustments as clinically required for 2 years
– Access to our specialist weight-loss support team which includes a bariatric surgeon, specialist dietitians and nurses
– 24 hour emergency telephone helpline
– 6 months surgical cover
– A free no obligation cosmetic surgery consultation with a GMC registered cosmetic surgeon, plus a cosmetic surgery voucher

The Hospital Group has clinics in Belfast, Dublin and Galway.

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