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Bonnie Ryan's new single reportedly ignored by RTE


Bonnie Ryan’s new single is being ignored by her late father’s former radio station 2FM, according to a claim.

Gerry Ryan’s daughter Bonnie debuted her single I’m Out on the Ray D’Arcy Show two weeks ago, but has since been left disappointed by her song’s lack of airplay on 2FM, the same station her father worked at for over 20 years.

According to the Irish Sun, a source close to Bonnie said, “Everybody at RTE has been very supportive but at this stage we would have been hoping for more play on 2fm.”

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Not impressed: Bonnie’s disappointed with her single’s lack of airplay | VIPIRELAND.COM

Although Bonnie’s debut single isn’t officially released until May 20, radio stations would have received the single a few weeks before the release date.

RTÉ was reportedly given an exclusive on the single on April 22, just before the sixth anniversary of Gerry Ryan’s passing, but only one DJ has managed to play her new track on 2FM, where her sister Lottie also works.

Despite the lack of airplay so far, Bonnie could be added to the 2FM playlist yet as last night a 2FM spokeswoman said, “There’s an abundance of new Irish music at the moment but we have been assured that Bonnie will get played on 2fm.”

“Her song is being considered at the next 2fm playlist meeting next week.”

Speaking about Bonnie’s sister Lottie working at 2FM, the station said that there would be “no conflict whatsoever” with regard to adding Bonnie’s song to the 2FM playlist.

The music video for Bonnie’s single I’m Out has since reached over 75,000 views on YouTube.