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Vicky Pattison reveals she struggled to get out of bed after ‘really bad’ year

The former Geordie Shore star got candid about her struggles


Vicky Pattison has revealed that she struggled to get out of bed after “really bad” year.

The former Geordie Shore star has been praised for her honesty on social media, posting “real” bikini pictures, makeup-free selfies and opening up about her bad days.

The 33-year-old admitted she’s the happiest she’s “ever been”, and said her social media habits are to thank for that.

Speaking to The Mirror, Vicky recalled: “A couple of years ago I had a really bad year and I just had no energy to keep up a charade on social media any more.”

“It was just an effort to get out of bed quite frankly so I gave up trying to be anything I wasn’t and I was just super honest across social media.

“What I found, when I opened up about having a bad day or finding something difficult or struggling, the response I had was so overwhelmingly supportive and kind that I just kept going down that road.

“The more honest I was and the more people who came forward and said ‘Oh I’m struggling with that’ or ‘I’m having a bad day too’, there’s always someone going through something similar so I kind of kept in that vain.”

“There’s this amazing community right at your fingertips where if you share something or open up, it’ll make you feel better,” the former I’m A Celeb winner added.

“I know that social media has lots of negative points, just last night I was upset because I was getting trolled, but on the most part it’s filled with lovely people who can inspire and make you feel like you’re not alone.

“I did lean on that community an awful lot during lockdown,” Vicky confessed.

“My advice to people is just don’t be too hard on yourself. It was a horrible year last year and this year hasn’t got off to the start we wanted it to and I just think being kind to yourself goes a long way. Practice a little bit of self care.”

In 2018, Vicky checked into a retreat after splitting with her ex-fiancé John Noble.

The reality star was left heartbroken when pictures and videos emerged of her fiancé getting close to other women on a lads holiday in Dubai, and forcing her to call off their wedding.

Sharing an emotional post at the time, Vicky wrote: “I’m completely done both physically and mentally.”

Vicky is now in a happy relationship with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan.


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