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Sam Thompson reveals if he ‘trusts’ Zara McDermott again after cheating scandal

Sam Thompson has insisted he “trusts” and “believes” his girlfriend Zara McDermott again, following her cheating scandal last year.

The couple dramatically split last August, after Sam found out Zara hooked up with someone else during the early stages of their relationship.

At the time, it was reported that Zara cheated with someone “in the music industry”, around the same time she took part in the celebrity version of The X Factor in 2019.

The Made In Chelsea stars have since rekindled their romance, and Sam has revealed they’re in a “really good place”.

Speaking to The Sun, the 29-year-old said: “I am not one to judge. I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff and a lot of it has been televised.”

“I think it’s part of growing up. All the drama and stuff that happened not too long ago, I am now at an age where I can sit back and say I love this girl, I see a future with her and yes, people do make mistakes.”

“I do believe she wants to be a better person and learn from that. It comes down to me and what do I want.”

“There is no point reentering a relationship if you don’t trust the person or believe the person,” he continued.

“Now I wholeheartedly believe her. Over the years I have made so many mistakes but I like to think I have learned from them.”

I loved Zara enough that I could say, well, that if I had never been given a chance to rectify mistakes then I would be pretty annoyed.”

“So I wanted to give her a chance and it has worked wonders and now we are in a really really good place. I sometimes wake up and go. Is this a dream? Do I still have a girlfriend after all the pranks I do?”

“I am under no illusions that I am definitely punching,” he added.


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