Mel B ‘banned’ from taking daughter to UK for Christmas – after ex claims their little girl is ‘scared of her’

The singer's ex-husband took her to court this week


Mel B has been banned from taking her daughter Madison to the UK for Christmas, after her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte argued that the 8-year-old is “scared” of her.

According to the Daily Mail, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge refused to let the Spice Girl take her daughter back to England on Thursday.

In court, Stephen’s lawyer claimed that Madison was left “traumatised” after she spent Thanksgiving with Mel in London.


He said: “To have Madison travel to the UK right now is not in the child’s best interests. [Brown] has elected to abandon this minor child and she has caused this minor child great stress. There is no safeguard against what took place in London [last Thanksgiving].”

Mel B and Madison | Instagram

Stephen also appeared in court, and claimed that his daughter “burst into tears” after previously spending Thanksgiving in England with her mum.


He told the court: “Madison burst into tears and began sobbing uncontrollably. I tried my best to calm Madison down so that I could understand what she was saying.”

“I was heartbroken for Madison. Madison told me that she was scared of her mother, that she did not want to go back to England.”



He continued: “I believe Madison will be further harmed and emotionally and psychologically abused if she is forced to travel back to the UK to be with her mother over Winter Break.”


“In fact, I have been informed that Madison will suffer immediate harm if she is forced to travel to the UK. I have never seen Madison as distraught as she was after her return from London,” he claimed.

Mel B wasn’t present in court, but her attorney Taline Boyamian argued that their custody agreement allows the singer to take her daughter on international trips.

However, the judge ended up ruling on the side of Stephen, and said: “I’m not going to put this kid in harm’s way.” have contacted Melanie Brown’s rep for comment.