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Love Island’s Joanna DENIES claims that she’s rekindled her romance with Michael

She spoke out after photos of them allegedly kissing were published online


Love Island star Joanna Chimonides has denied claims that she’s rekindled her romance with Michael Griffiths.

Over the weekend, the pair were spotted getting close at a music festival, and photos and videos of the pair allegedly ‘kissing’ were published online.

However, the 22-year-old has insisted that they weren’t kissing at all that night, and said her and Michael are just friends.

Speaking on her Instagram Story, Joanna said: “I just want to make a point, we weren’t kissing.”

From ITV Studios

“[There are pictures] of me and Michael so-called kissing. He was saying something in my ear, I found it funny. Can’t remember what it was. I think one thing with me and you’ll get to know this the more you get to know me, is I don’t hold onto hate and negativity.”

She continued: “For me, it’s been a lot easier for my journey and me getting over the Michael situation, is me letting go of whatever happened and letting go of hate.”

“That’s just how I am and what I do and in the end, I’m happier and I feel so good everyday and that’s purely because I’m letting go of the negativity and anything that was upsetting me at the time.”

Joanna explained: “It’s OK to be friends with someone you were with, it is ok for that. I’m friends with my exes and it is OK.”

“For me and Michael, it was such a laugh being together. It was really nice and everyone had such a laugh. If I didn’t let go of that negativity I wouldn’t have had a good time yesterday and I wouldn’t be making memories with that Love Island lot.”

Joanna’s comments come after Michael said he would try to win her back after leaving the Love Island villa.

However, Joanna has stated that there’s no chance she’d take him back, after he tried to recouple with Amber Gill just days after she left the villa.

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