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Love Island’s Jacques O’Neill comes under fire for ‘mocking’ Tasha Ghouri in viral video

Love Island’s Jacques O’Neill has come under fire for “mocking” his co-star Tasha Ghouri in a video that has emerged online.

The clip was allegedly posted on his private Instagram Story the night of the Love Island final.

In the video, Jacques is seen watching the show’s final episode with a friend when he appears to mock Tasha during her love declaration to Andrew Le Page.

As the dancer read out her speech, Jacques impersonated Davide Sanclimenti by shouting at the TV: “You are a liar, an actress, get the f**k out.”

The video has since gone viral on Twitter and Reddit, and fans are now calling out the rugby player for “belittling” Tasha.

One fan wrote: “Jacques mocking Tasha in his private story is not only DISGUSTING but a COWARD move. Only a few weeks ago he was advocating for mental health…”

Another tweeted: “Jacques still picking on tasha outside the villa…thought he said he was trying to focus on himself and his mental health not bringing down others mental health.”

A third fan commented: “I was willing to give Jacques the benefit of the doubt and that he was truly working on himself. Then you see the clip of him belittling Tasha who’s done nothing to him”.

Fans previously expressed concern over the way Tasha was being treated by some of the boys in the Love Island villa.

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Just last week, Casa Amor bombshell Billy Brown said he felt like some of the boys didn’t “come across well at all”, and slammed them for “ganging up” on Tasha.

Billy said: “I think people’s emotions are very high and when people get pissed off or angry it can really show.”

“Obviously Andrew, Luca and Dami got annoyed at points and they’re all expressive people. They can come across as quite rude sometimes towards the girls.”

“The whole ganging up thing, it was where they are so close and they’re like ‘Let’s all do that.’ It doesn’t come across well at all.”

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