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Love Island fans slam ‘unfair’ treatment of Tasha

Love Island fans have slammed the “unfair” treatment of Tasha.

The dancer, who is the show’s first deaf contestant, has almost been dumped from the villa on three occasions, after receiving the fewest votes from the public.

The 23-year-old, who recently asked Andrew to be her boyfriend, was also targeted by Luca and Dami during Monday night’s Suck and Blow challenge.

Taking to Twitter after tonight’s challenge, fans have been discussing how Tasha “deserves better”.

One tweeted: “Tasha deserves so much better the amount of hate she gets from the islanders and public is just unfair.”

Another wrote: “Okay, now I think what’s happening to Tasha is unfair,” while a third penned: “Sorry these lot are over doing it with Tasha, it’s so unfair.”

It comes after Tasha’s dad Tarek took to Instagram to defend his daughter from the “negative” comments online, including one that called her a “deaf whore”.

He wrote: “I have always encouraged Tasha to do what she thinks is impossible. I would never restrict her from achieving her desires from life.”

“Part of a Dads job is to guide but not drive their kids ships. This mentality has got her to where she is today. Despite the negativity she was successful before she went in and she will be successful when she comes out.”

He continued: “We talked about the possible negativity and if you think you are prepared for it you are not. Negativity is not what we do in this family so it is a bit of a shock but more so is the ablest comments like last night when someone described her as a ‘deaf whore’.”

“Tash wanted to do it to represent and show deaf kids, teens and adults that they have nothing to fear by embracing their deafness or hearing aids. It’s why hers is bright white!”

 “It’s also why she is the ONLY love island contestant ever to publicly say she will donate half of any winnings to the deaf children’s charity. A positive story that’s been left behind as news does. This was publicised the first few days of her going in the villa.”

“I applaud her and we will deal with the negativity. She lets nothing stop her. it’s mentally draining for her trying to compute what’s been said, lip reading people whose lips aren’t facing her or whose mouths are covered with bottles, who said what when many are talking.”

“Staying involved in conversation when you can only hear robotic sounds in only one of your ears is mentally draining. This leads to tiredness and sometimes tears. It’s a pressured environment for all but she has an extra pressure no one seems to recognise apart from anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing.”

“Thank you to everyone who’s posted on this page with positive messages . Truly from the bottom of Tashas and our hearts. #bekind #loveisland #loveislandmemes #loveislandspoilers,” Tarek concluded the post.

He later reminded viewers to “be kind” to the show’s contestants in a powerful post.

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