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Liam Payne admits he hasn’t spoken to Harry Styles ‘in a while’

They've both recently spoken out about a 1D reunion

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One Direction star Liam Payne has admitted he hasn’t spoken to his former bandmate Harry Styles “in a while”.

During an interview with SiriusXM, Liam opened up about his relationship with Styles, or lack thereof, as well as plans for 1D’s future.

While he would like to reunite the band, he said it’s difficult to determine when it might happen.

“I say different times all the time because whatever I’m thinking might happen, but it’s difficult,” he said.

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“I mean I haven’t spoken to Harry in a while so I don’t really know where his head’s at with that.”

“I heard he mentioned it in some sort of magazine thing or whatever the other day, which was cool.”

“I think everybody else has been really outspoken and I think that they’re like ready to go whenever,” Liam said, referring to Harry’s recent cover shoot for Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Harry told Rolling Stone: “If there’s a time when we all really want to do it, that’s the only time for us to do it”

“I don’t think it should be about anything else other than the fact that we’re all like, ‘Hey, this was really fun. We should do this again.'”

Other band members have also been nostalgic about their One Direction past recently too.

Louis Tomlinson recently spoke to Nova FM, and admitted that they used to spread rumours about Niall Horan’s sex life while they were on tour.

The band rose to fame overnight on The X Factor in 2010.

They enjoyed a successful career before going on a hiatus in 2016.