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Katie Price’s ex Kris Boyson shows up to her house in convoy – and ‘threatens her new beau’

The reality star dumped Boyson for a new toyboy


Katie Price’s ex Kris Boyson reportedly arrived at her home in a convoy and threatened her new toyboy, 22-year-old Charles Drury, over the weekend.

The personal trainer allegedly showed up at Katie’s house in Sussex un-announced, with a gang of friends in tow.

The pair broke up a few weeks ago, but Kris apparently showed up at her home looking for his stuff back.

A source told The Sun: “Katie said she was going to send his stuff to him and that he wasn’t to collect it, but Kris came to the house with a group of blokes.”


“She gave him two bin bags full of his things, but the whole thing descended into a showdown between him and Charles,” the insider explained.

“At one point Kris told him ‘I will break your legs, little boy.'”

“It got so bad Katie even threatened to set her dog Blade on the lads. The whole thing was so unexpected – moments earlier they’d just been watching TV inside.”

Katie’s new beau Charles | Instagram

Meanwhile, a rep for Katie told The Sun: “Katie and Kris are completely amicable. The only time Kris has been to Katie’s this week was to drop off a dress she needed for a photo shoot.”

Earlier this week it was reported that Price would be turning her home into a wedding venue in a desperate bid for cash to avoid bankruptcy.