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Georgia Harrison admits she’s ‘struggling to cope’ after Stephen Bear pokes fun at his arrest

Georgia Harrison has admitted she’s “struggling to cope”, after Stephen Bear poked fun at his arrest.

The Ex On The Beach star was detained by police at Heathrow Airport last Friday, over claims he shared an alleged sex tape of his ex Georgia last year.

The 31-year-old was arrested on suspicion of disclosing private sexual photographs or films without consent with intent to cause distress, harassment, and obstructing a police officer.

After being released on bail, the reality star joked about his charges in a shocking new YouTube video.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Georgia opened up about the “pain, anger and regret” she has been feeling.

The former Love Island star wrote: “It’s taking everything I’ve got to keep quiet during this time.

“I’m just so hurt, everyday it’s just one thing after another of mockery’s and lies and my heart just honestly burns… I just don’t understand why?

“I’m actually struggling to cope with this. I never fully understood the meaning of the word of anxiety until now.”

Georgia alleged: “I’ve not just been exposed to a few people I’ve been spread internationally to hundreds of thousands of people.

“Now I’m being used by multiple people for press attention and money and all this stems back from a time where I couldn’t help myself but fall in love,” she claimed.

“I am so full of pain, regret and anger that I don’t even recognise myself at times.”

In his recent YouTube video, Stephen showed viewers his police “rap sheet”, saying: “I’m back from Dubai and I’ve actually got a criminal case over my head. I’ve been charged with some s**t, man.

“I’ve been charged from the Essex police with harassment, obstruct police officer, exposure and voyeurism.

“So let’s start with the first one. Harassment doesn’t sound good does it? Exposure. Not too sure what exposure means. Obstructing a police officer. What do you reckon I did? Do you reckon I got in his way?”

“I think voyeurism because I’ve been to Dubai and I’ve gone on a voyage – I’m getting nicked for travelling to Dubai because I’ve been on a voyage. Do you blame Captain Cook for sailing the seven seas? No you don’t!”

Bear continued: “So right now I can’t talk about the case. It’s under investigation. I’m on bail until the 2nd of February. So right now they’ve got my passport.

“When I arrived on the 15th of January, I was going to surprise my mum – I had four police officers waiting for me at the airport.

“They handcuffed me, it was quite embarrassing actually. And yeah at the minute I’m on bail.”

Later in the video, which he filmed while driving, Bear said he had to get his front door fixed after the police raided his home.

“I got questioned twice. I was in the cell for 14 – 15 hours, on my birthday,” he explained.

“And while I was in the police cell they have gone into my house, smashed open the door. They said they had a warrant, and I’ve had to get everything fixed. They busted my f***ing front gate too.”


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