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EXCLUSIVE! Liberty Poole reveals the REAL reason she quit Love Island last year

Liberty Poole has revealed the REAL reason she dramatically quit Love Island last year, after ending her romance with Jake Cornish.

The pair were coupled up from day one of the 2021 series, and made things official while they were in the villa.

However, their relationship broke down just days before the final – after Liberty questioned Jake’s intentions.

After calling it quits, Liberty decided to leave the villa, which left viewers heartbroken, and Jake followed suit.


Speaking to during the #GossCountdown Show, sponsored by SHEIN, the 22-year-old shared what ultimately pushed her to quit the show just days before the final.

“So first of all I knew parents day was coming up, and my mother… she’s feisty one,” Liberty explained.

“I just thought I know that we’re not right, and I don’t want to meet his parents knowing that the energy is just so off, I didn’t want that.”

“So in the end that’s why I chose to leave,” the reality star confessed.


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“It was a build up of a lot of little comments, but there was a moment the night before where he was like ‘your messiness is giving me the ick’ and then acted weird after and the energy just completed shifted.”

When asked to share the process behind her leaving the villa, Liberty said: “So this is what happened…”

“So I seen everyone coming back from their nice final dates and saying what an amazing time they had, and in that moment it clicked, I was like ‘I’m not gonna get that because I don’t feel right.'”

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“So I said like ‘I wanna go’, and I just wanted to talk about it with a producer and they were like ‘ok yeah that’s fine just wait a second and we’ll talk about it’…”

“But I literally had that much emotion built up, because like I said it is a heightened environment in there, I just had to take myself outside.”

“Silly me thought there was no cameras there, I just let it all out, I didn’t realise there would be cameras there I thought it would be an off-air moment, but no, you guys seen it all.”

“But that was raw emotion, it wasn’t scripted, that was just me letting it all out and thinking I don’t want to do this anymore and I’m going to walk away.”


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