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Adam Collard threatens to release CCTV footage of his row with Ferne McCann – after branding her a ‘liar’

The former TOWIE star has accused Adam of insulting her baby daughter


Adam Collard has threatened to release CCTV footage of his row with Ferne McCann, after she accused him of insulting her and her baby daughter, Sunday.

The reality stars were involved in a serious row backstage at the NTAs earlier this week, which resulted in Ferne throwing her drink at the Love Island star.

After their explosive fight hit headlines, Ferne released a statement on Twitter to reassure fans that she didn’t throw glass at Adam.

She wrote: “To be clear I have never thrown glass at anyone. I am not proud of reacting the way I did to the serious abuse and intimidation I was subjected to and I should not have thrown a drink.”

“However I am not sure how someone who said the things he did about my daughter and me is seeking to portray himself as a victim.”

However, not long after Ferne posted her statement, Adam’s girlfriend Zara McDermott wrote on Instagram, “Just to be clear I witnessed this entire incident and this statement is a complete lie.”

“My boyfriend was standing up for me because I was the one being intimidated and numerous witnesses can confirm this. He told her to stop being a bully, that she is a mother and should know better… fair right?

“He never said anything about her daughter at all. I was there and I heard and saw the whole thing and so did others!!!! Lying gets you nowhere in life.”

She added, “My partner would NEVER in a million years verbally abuse someone’s CHILD. I am seriously offended by this allegation as it’s a complete lie which has upset me a lot.

“This is complete defamation of character and unfair to accuse someone of something they haven’t done. Why can’t people just apologise, not be nasty and move on!”

Adam then reposted Ferne’s statement on Twitter, and said, “Thank you for making my decision for me. CCTV… I didn’t want to do this because of your daughters sake. But…”

According to The Sun, the Love Island star also shared screenshots of messages between him and Ferne agreeing to meet privately on Monday to settle their issues once and for all.

However, the posts have since been deleted from Adam’s feed.