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Viewers react to Netflix’s ‘wild’ new reality series Snowflake Mountain

Snowflake Mountain joined Netflix earlier this week, and it is currently one of the streaming giant’s top trending shows.

The 10-part reality series follows a group of “spoilt young adults” who are dumped in the wilderness to learn to “toughen up” and fend for themselves.

The official synopsis reads: “Welcome to Snowflake Mountain. A place where ragtag stuck at home snowflakes with zero life skills have to step up to the plate.”

“Built as a wilderness boot camp, our snowflakes will compete to see who has what it takes, competing for a life-changing prize and the chance to kickstart their life and liberate their parents.”

Whichever contestant is able to withstand all of the challenges and make it to the end receives the title of ultimate Wilderness Warrior and a prize of $50,000.

People have been loving the new series, with many describing it a “wild” and “crazy”.

One viewer tweeted: “#SnowflakeMountain is funny, crazy, dramatic and most importantly heartfelt. It’s definitely a reality show must watch.”

Others compared the show to Canadian animated series Total Drama Island, which sees 22 unsuspecting and unwitting teenagers compete in challenges on a rundown, insect-infected island.

Snowflake Mountain is on Netflix now.


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