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TV3 to finally build Xpose their own proper set – before HOUR-long relaunch


TV3 are set to finally build Xpose its own set – when it becomes an hour long programme.

The entertainment programme will be boosted in length from September 8, and will be ditching its green screen.

Bosses are also hoping to have found a new presenter to join Aisling O’Loughlin, Karen Koster, Glenda Gilson and Lisa Cannon before they kick off the relaunch.


Sources told Goss.ie that the presenters are all looking forward to the change – but know it will lead to a lot more stress.

“There’s real excitement inside Xpose about boosting the show – it shows that TV3 have real belief in the show,” a source said.

“However, it will lead to a lot more work – some interviews will be allowed to go a bit longer, but lots more content will  be needed.

“Already, the team inside Xpose is working at full capacity – so they are hoping a new presenter is picked soon.”

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It comes as Aisling revealed that the name hasn’t helped the show at all when trying to land interviews with US celebrities.

“The title has got us in hot water with American stars because they think we want to expose stuff,” she told the RTE Guide.

“But all we want to ask them is, ‘Where did you get your outfit?'”