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This is why Breaking Bad and The Wire are trending on Twitter

Here's why you should watch these hit shows this Bank Holiday Monday


Hit shows Breaking Bad and The Wire have been trending on Twitter since Sunday night.

Following the “disappointing” finale of Line Of Duty, viewers took to the social media platform to share their top TV show endings.

Breaking Bad, which ran from 2008 until 2013, came out as a clear winner among fans – with many branding the ending “the greatest of all time”.

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The show centered around chemistry teacher Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), who discovers he has cancer and decides to get into the meth-making business to repay his medical debts.

All five seasons of the crime drama series are available to watch on Netflix, so if you haven’t already seen it – this Bank Holiday Monday is the perfect time to start.

One fan tweeted: “Ending a TV show well is so important. Breaking Bad absolutely nailed it. Possibly the best ending ever – built up in every episode of the final season and then went off for the finale.”

The Wire ran from 2002 until 2008, with five seasons in total.

The show follows Detective James McNulty (played by Dominic West) and his team investigate crimes in Baltimore, while attempting to solve the bridge that exists between the drug kingpins and the law enforcement agencies.

The crime series is available to watch on Now TV.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Add Line of Duty to the list of shows that went out with a whimper alongside Lost and GOT.”

“Anyone else feeling underwhelmed by it go watch The Wire. 5 series of pure gold and a satisfying ending.”

Another tweeted: “The wire, the only show I’ve ever watched the ending of it and truly felt it ended perfectly and I was happy to turn it off for the last time. Everything coming full circle, like it always does.”