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THIS is how much each Love Island contestant is already earning on Instagram

Some islanders could already be raking in big money from sponsored content


Love Island stars are known for their online earning abilities.

From brand endorsements to collaborations with internet fashion companies, islanders are set to make some serious money from their personalities and popularity after the show.

However, new data by Digitaloft has revealed that some Winter Love Island stars could already charge four figures for an Instagram post.


The data assesses how much the reality star’s online following has grown since they entered the villa, and crunches the numbers to establish how much they could currently charge a brand for a single post.

Shaughna Phillips is leading the list of social media stars as the most popular islander online.

She currently has the most followers at 394,474 – a 2633% increase on her original 14,982. According to the data, the star could charge £1,913.59 per Instagram post if she wanted to collaborate with a brand today.


Check out the top highest potential earners in the Love Island villa right now:

Shaughna Phillips

Original followers: 14,982

Followers today: 394,474

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £1,913.59

Sophie Piper

Original followers: 29,661

Followers today: 305,674

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £1,338.94

Callum Jones

Original followers: 12,234

Followers today: 274,214

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £1,330.21


Paige Turley

Original followers: 36,143

Followers today: 254,260

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £1,233.42

Leanne Amaning

Original followers: 11,116

Followers today: 199,873

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £969.58

Connor Durman

Original followers: 11,853

Followers today: 195,531

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £948.52


Mike Boateng

Original followers: 8,866

Followers today: 190,318

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £923.23

Eve Gale

Original followers: 20,722

Followers today: 179,908

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £872.73

Jess Gale

Original followers: 20,824

Followers today: 173,889

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £843.54


Siânnise Fudge

Original followers: 10,764

Followers today: 142,171

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £689.67

Nas Majeed


Original followers: 4,724

Followers today: 132,346

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £642.01

Connagh Howard

Original followers: 2,670

Followers today: 69,715

Potential Instagram earnings per post: £338.19