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MTV Cribs are taking a look inside the million-dollar mansion of THIS Kardashian-Jenner family member

The stunning home costs $3.5million and has mountain views


Caitlyn Jenner will give fans a tour of her Malibu mansion on an upcoming episode of MTV Cribs.

The reality star will show off her $3.5 million home on the hit celebrity home show, giving viewers a glimpse at her car collection, state-of-the art bathroom, walk-in wardrobe and stunning mountain views.

In a teaser clip for the episode, Caitlyn introduced the film crew to her partner Sophie Hutchins, who also lives in the stunning home.

The 70-year-old also showed off the contents of her walk-in wardrobe, revealing gifts she received from her famous daughters, including a designer handbag gifted to her by Kylie Jenner.

“Here’s the deal on shoes, getting shoes for a 13 wide is not easy,” she explained.

“You can’t just buy them off the shelf. So that’s always a challenge but these shoes are made for your foot, these work! Large women’s shoes is not easy,” Caitlyn added.

Showing off her glamorous makeup table, she joked: “People say: ‘Well how did you learn your makeup?’ I’ve been doing my makeup my whole life, you just didn’t know about it!”

Recalling a time she asked step-daughter Kim Kardashian for fashion advice, the Olympian medallist said: “I remember asking Kim about fashion and style.

“She turned around, looked at me and she goes: ‘You have to realise, I AM fashion!'”

MTV Cribs first aired back in 2000, and it featured huge stars like Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.

Caitlyn’s episode airs tonight Monday October 26, at 8pm on MTV, with Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn also appearing on the upcoming series next month.