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Love Island’s Ellie Brown MOCKED over her reaction to Charlie Brake’s secret £400m fortune

The Geordie beauty had no idea her boyfriend was so wealthy


Love Island star Ellie Brown was mocked on social media last night, after she finally found out about her boyfriend Charlie Brake’s secret £400 million fortune.

During last night’s episode, Dani Dyer told the 20-year-old Geordie about Charlie’s millionaire fortune.

Dani said, “I was talking to Jack and this is crazy, but his family sold his business for £400million. He’s worth more than Justin Bieber, how mad is that?”

A shocked Ellie then said, “£400million? I don’t know what made me more shocked him asking me to be his girlfriend or finding that out.”

She continued, “So my boyfriend’s a millionaire? He has got more money than the f*****g Queen. What’s my mum going to be thinking?”

Ellie later confronted him at the pool, and said, “Do you know when you said you were in a fortunate position but you didn’t really go into it… £400 million?”

Looking slightly annoyed, Charlie replied, “Yeah it was a big company, we didn’t get all of it. I don’t really know what to say.”

After Ellie joked, “I bet your knives and fork all match and you have £15 loo roll,” Charlie snapped back, “This is why I hate it, my family is really not like that. Who told you? I see Jack’s obviously told Dani and she’s told you. Jack’s a little s**t.”

In an attempt to calm him down, Ellie reassured him, “I fell for you because I like you, I don’t care if you had £400million of £4.”

Naturally, fans of the show were quick to hop on social media to mock Ellie’s reaction, and slammed Dani’s decision to tell Ellie.