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Love Island: Curtis’ family defend him following love triangle criticism

"He would never treat a girl badly."

From ITV Studios

The family of Curtis Pritchard have rushed to his defense, after Love Island viewers criticized how he is handling being in a love triangle with both Maura and Francesca.

Both girls have been vying for the pro-dancer’s attention, after Francesca choose Curtis in the recoupling, but he told Maura he was still interested in getting to know her.

“Curtis would never want to hurt anybody,” the dancer’s dad Adrian told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper.


“Both girls like him and he’s just enjoying himself. I’m not sure which girl he’ll go for. I’m watching and I’m curious to see what happens.”

“Love Island is about meeting new people and seeing who you click with. So he’s doing what he is there to do,” he said.

His Dad stressed that Curti would never intentionally hurt either girl.


“It’s not fair for people to think he’s a love rat or a snake because he’s not that kind of person at all,” he expressed.

“He would never treat a girl badly.”

“Curtis hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s being himself – he isn’t trying to change at all. He isn’t someone who knows how to lie. What you’re seeing on the show, that’s him.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm.

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