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Line Of Duty star Martin Compston promises fans ‘big answers’ in season six finale

The final episode will air this Sunday


Martin Compston has promised fans “big answers” in the season six finale of Line Of Duty.

The actor, who plays DI Steve Arnott in the police drama, has teased the show’s next episode “might be the perfect ending”.

Speaking on the Shrine Of Duty podcast, the 36-year-old was asked if viewers will finally learn the identity of ‘H’.

Martin replied: “I wouldn’t quite go the Jo Davidson no comment route – but what I will tell you is I think there’s a lot of pay offs coming this Sunday.”

“There’s a lot of big answers and it’s deserved, people have stuck with us for a long time, so there comes a point where the story arch comes to an end.”

The Scottish star also admitted he doesn’t know if there will be another season of the hit BBC show.

“We don’t know [if there will be another] – that’s nothing new. Jed [Mercurio] always takes time after a series, like a couple of months,” he explained.

“There’s a lot of stuff above my pay grade like analytics and audience scores. He takes the emotion out of it and looks at all that.”

“It’s different this year, because we have to look it in terms of, do people want us back? 10 years in you start to think of legacy, and if it goes down that well it might be the perfect ending.”

“But then we might go another couple of months and… what I will say is we won’t do one just for the sake of doing it. Jed will only do it if there’s a story to be told.”

The season six finale of Line Of Duty airs on BBC One this Sunday at 9pm.