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Juicy news: Jamie Dornan bagged the lead role in The Fall by eating an ORANGE

Hollywood star Jamie Dornan bagged his role in The Fall – by eating an orange.

The Northern Irish actor’s audition was watched by his co-star Gillian Anderson, who revealed it consisted of him munching on the citrus fruit.

And Gillian said she immediately understood why the heart-throb was right for the part of Paul Spector.

The 43-year-old bizarrely confessed she watched an audition of Jamie peeling an orange.

“I saw Jamie’s audition tape, it was just him peeling an orange and it was very clear he was the guy,” the 43-year-old said.


Orange: Gillian knew Jamie was right for the part when she saw him peeling an orange | RTE

Gillan has also revealed that she thinks Jamie, 32, has a healthy perspective on fame.

“He’s created a very grounded life for himself with his wife and their new baby,” she said.

“He has exactly the right, healthy perspective on the whole messy side of what it is that we do.”


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