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Even the stars attending the IFTAs couldn't hear what was going on

Celebrities at the IFTAs starting chatting loudly and boozing because they couldn’t hear what was happening on stage.

Audiences at home were fuming when the background sound became increasingly loud – leading to the organisers apologising earlier this week.

But Kathryn Thomas – whose show Operation Transformation won Best Reality TV – admitted the only reason everyone got rowdy was because they couldn’t hear the ceremony.

She said: “The main issue at this year’s IFTAs was a technicals one – sound. It was difficult to hear what was happening on stage and so the room lost interest.

“Not because people were falling around fluthered, but because we couldn’t hear.

“The microphones on the floor, broadcasting to the nation, were picking up this chatter in the room as well as the clatter of plates, knives and forks.

“If this was rectified, which is totally possible, it would have been a more enjoyable experience for those at home and those in the room.”


Poor script: Laura was left embarrassed by disaster

The RTE star added that presenters Laura Whitmore and Simon Delaney could “have had a stronger script and tighter links”.

But writing in her weekly column, Kathryn also admitted that the only thing people got to eat during the awards was their starter halfway through.

But the Voice host claims that “nobody around me seemed to be in any fear of starvation.”


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