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The Column: The highs and lows of Love Island are the same as real life dating

Hello everyone,

It’s difficult to write a column this week without mentioning Love Island (it’s difficult every week, to be honest).

It was revealed a few days ago that Love Island got the most OfCom complaints in the history of the show, after Faye’s insane blowup – in which the entire nation just watched the brunette scream at her partner Teddy.

Over 25,000 people complained about Faye’s behaviour, with many feeling she had unresolved emotional issues, that she was abusive towards Teddy, and that she needed help from producers and counsellors before continuing on with the show.

Faye blew up at Teddy on the show

Imagine we all had that every time we had a row with our significant other?

And poor sweet, lovely Teddy, no one enjoyed watching him sitting in the hut with his head in his hands quietly sobbing.

Now let’s look to the show’s latest drama, Liberty and Jake. Dubbed a “snake” by the public, most viewers haven’t bought into Jake’s feelings for Lib since the first episode.

But this week it seems Lib is starting to realise Jake may not like her as much as he says he does (“you’re by girrrlllllfriend”).

We all watched as Jake nearly combusted internally as he spat out the words “I love you”. Although Liberty gleamed with happiness, we were all thinking the same thing; “he’s just saying what she wants to hear”.

All for show? Jake and Liberty | ITV Plc

Another awkward, shouting at the TV moment right? Poor Liberty? God love the girl having to go through this, let’s blame the producers.

Poor Teddy left in tears, and Faye having an emotional breakdown, let’s blame the producers.

The reality is though, producers or no producers, care team or no care team, this is what happens in real life.

I was trying to explain the premise of Love Island while on The Hard Shoulder on Newstalk this week. A group of young, attractive people are put into a villa together in the sun, and are told to couple up with the people they fancy the most.

Imagine this in real life, what would happen? Multiple people would fancy the same person, some people won’t get picked at all, some will pick each other based on looks but realise their personalities don’t click and vice versa.

Now onto the next phase.

Just as you start to get to know your new bae, a “bombshell” will waltz into the house, a guy or girl that is just your “type on paper”, now you’re being tested…

Do you really like the person you’re coupled up with? Was it lust rather than love? Is a kiss with this new shiny person more appealing than kissing your other half?

Sounds awfully mean doesn’t it? But as Chloe put it quite well during Casa Amor this year, that’s just the realities of a lad’s holiday. Or to be honest, it’s just the reality of a night out.

Now I will say one thing here, the postcard (clip above) was extremely harsh. And could it be argued that Faye was played a bit here by producers? Maybe, but at the end of the day Teddy did kiss a girl outside of a task, show me the lie?

Even though it was delivered right to her door and maybe it purposely led Faye to think the worst, it seems just as anxiety-inducing as seeing your man tagged in a picture online with a girl wrapped around him while he said he was home for the night. (Hasn’t happened to me but my GOD does it happen).

So yes we’re watching them all like animals in a zoo, and we’re sitting back giving our two cents, judging them all, rooting for some, and lambasting others (I’ll never forgive you Liam).

But sorry to be the bearer of bad news, the actual show itself is just a reflection of modern dating.

Love Island 2021 | ITV

I have lost count of the number of my mates who have been “ghosted”, “haunted” and/or cheated on.

The guy who strings you along because he likes having you around but doesn’t want to commit and will probably jump ship when another girl shows up, some more bad news for you; they also exist outside of the villa.

That’s called “breadcrumbing” FYI.

And the partner who’ll scream and shout at you when they’re upset? Faye’s not doing that for the cameras, this happens all the time too.

I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s normal, to be honest, it’s all quite depressing, but it’s absolutely clear, this reality show is just that: reality.

Plus sometimes the contestants do find love. Even after the heartache and tests and ridiclous challenges, these couples do make it.

There has already been marriages and children from this show, so love it or hate it, sometimes it works out, just like in real life…

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