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Goss meets… Rugby star turned fashion designer Tommy Bowe: 'The lads give me a slagging now'


Irish Rugby star Tommy Bowe is best known for his skills on the rugby pitch, but not the sports star is turning his hands to fashion.

This week he launched his fashion line with XV Kings. Tommy previously dabbled in fashion with a shoe line and Goss.ie caught up with him to find out all about his new range.

Tell me a bit about the clothing line?

I have a new clothing line called XV Kings. I’ve been involved in the shoe industry for the last three years with our brand Lloyd and Pryce and I think it has been great.

It has been really enjoyable getting to see how business works and how things out of the rugby bubble work and the obvious progression was to go into clothes so this is our second collection.

We had a small collection going into Christmas last year. That was well received and we’re delighted with the new collection.

Were you always passionate about style and clothes?

I wouldn’t say hugely no. I think I’m like your average Irish man. I don’t think I am quite the fashionista but I take pride in my appearance and I like to make myself look relatively smart and look good whenever I go out. I think the clothes that we have here are simple but they look very smart.

tommy bowe Tommy Bowe and Goss.ie reporter Paul Daly

How did the lads on the squad react to you becoming a fashion designer?

I get a bit of slagging alright.  I wouldn’t lie about that.

There’s always a bit of slagging but it’s a bit of fun but the lads are always happy whenever they get a free t-shirt or jacket or a pair of shoes.

So they will be wearing your fashion line?

Yeah hopefully, I would like to get the guys wearing it as much as I can and it’s great to have the guys here today and help us out.

It’s a different kind of fashion as well but it’s something I really enjoy being a part of and hopefully it will keep going for the next couple of years.

What celebs style do you admire?

I don’t know. I suppose you would always have the likes of David Beckham and even James Franco or Jamie Dornan either.

Tommy XV No 0318

Is it hard to find the time for designing clothes with rugby?

It is, it’s difficult. Being full time and it’s not easy trying to get myself into getting to see the lads in the warehouse and chat about it.

But whenever I get any spare time I like to go down and help out as much as I can.

You did a documentary Body Check with RTE before, would you do more TV?

I don’t know, I wouldn’t rule it out. I definitely enjoyed the documentary and people seemed to enjoy it but hopefully I have a few more years playing rugby yet before I have to worry about hanging up the boots just yet.

Would your fiance Lucy ever try and dress you?

I think she is very quick to tell me what she thinks looks good and what she doesn’t. Not that I always listen to her but it’s always I think a females opinion is always good because they have a better sense of fashion style than us men.

Thomas (Tommy) Bowe receives honorary degree from the UniversityHelping hand: Fiance Lucy Whitehouse tells Tommy what she likes and dislikes

Does she like your fashion line?

Yeah I think she is very impressed with it. I think that even the ladies shoes we brought out. She’s really impressed and she likes to wear them and it’s great to have her support.

Would you ever design your own tux for your wedding day?

I think without getting in trouble I’d leave that out.

> Check out Tommy’s new fashion range at www.xvkings.com