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Thousands of Irish people are straightening their teeth from home with SmileLife

Now is the perfect time to improve your smile!


Have you always wanted to improve your smile but felt it was too expensive, or the process would be too difficult?

Well, SmileLife has the perfect solution as they’re offering customers the chance to discreetly straighten their teeth at home in an average of six months.

The treatment, which is carried out using clear aligners, is also super affordable – as prices start at just €55 per month.

SmileLife was founded in 2017 by Head Dentist Dr. Ada Murphy.

Dr. Murphy had the idea of straightening customers teeth without them ever having to step foot inside a clinic.

So how does it work? First of all, you need to complete a short questionnaire on their website to make sure you’re eligible for the treatment.

Once you’re given the go-ahead, you can order an Impression Kit via their website for the reduced price of €27.

The kit will allow you to create your own teeth moulds at home, which you will then send back to their lab.

Alternatively, you can also book in for a free 3D scan at one of SmileLife’s SmileHouses.

With locations in Malahide and Dublin’s City Centre, click HERE to book your free 3D scan and consultation.

Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh is one of SmileLife’s happy customers

After the SmileLife team receive your custom moulds, you will be sent a personalised treatment plan showing your end results.

Once you approve of the treatment, you will receive your clear aligners in the post, kick starting your journey to the perfect smile!

Your SmileLife aligners work by applying gentle and painless pressure to each of your teeth.


As you go through each aligner, your teeth move into their final positions, leaving you with a beautiful new smile!

Fast Lane customers will also receive a Premium Teeth Whitening Kit with their aligners, and after you complete your treatment – you can order retainers to help protect your investment.

While you complete your treatment from the comfort of your own home, you will also have access to a 5-star support team, in case you have any queries about your aligners.


The entire process is affordable, fast, painless, discreet, and comfortable – and thousands of people have already used SmileLife to straighten their teeth at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Want to see some of the results for yourself? Check out some amazing customer reviews below.

Gavin straightened his teeth with SmileLife in less than seven months, and described the treatment as “excellent”.


In a customer interview, he said: “It was much much better than I expected it to be. From the first minute I walked in everything just went perfectly.”

“Especially the scan that I did where I was shown how my teeth would look after treatment. I was quite skeptical at first because I didn’t believe it could be so easy, but as soon as I had my scan I knew that this was what I wanted.”

“My teeth were quite bad beforehand so I said I’d give SmileLife a go and I don’t look back now, it was the best thing I ever did.”


Another customer who completed her treatment with SmileLife in 6/7 months is Gaby Jones.

Gaby said: “My bottom teeth were really inverted and I didn’t really notice until my boyfriend pointed them out to me one day and said ‘Oh Gaby, your teeth’ and so I thought to myself ‘right I need to get myself some clear aligners’ and luckily SmileLife came into the picture to help.”

Gaby also said the treatment helped improve her dental hygiene, as she found she was brushing her teeth a lot more after taking her aligners out for meals.

Berta Juoz closed a gap in between her two front teeth with SmileLife in just 3 and a half months.


Berta wore train track braces when she was a teenager, and said the clear aligners are much more convenient as you can take them out, and they’re much easier to clean.

She also said metal braces were much more painful, and praised how easy it was to track her progress with the clear aligners.

Check out Berta’s before-and-after snaps below:

One of the best things about SmileLife is that their treatment is super affordable – as they offer a number of different payment plans.

Their Flexi Fi payment plan starts at just €55 per month (which requires a €40 deposit to start), or you can pay for the treatment in three instalments of €516 (after paying a €250 deposit).

Otherwise, you can save €300 on the treatment by making a one-time payment of €1697 – which is up to 70% cheaper than getting traditional wire braces.

If you decide to sign up for the treatment, make sure to mention ‘Goss.ie‘ to get a FREE electric toothbrush with your purchase.


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