Vogue Williams reduces the price of her tanning products after listening to customer feedback

The new price change is permanent


Vogue Williams has decided to permanently reduce the price of her tanning products, after listening to customer feedback.

It’s been a year since the TV presenter launched her own tanning brand, Bare By Vogue, in March 2019.

Although the brand’s products have been widely praised by consumers, some people argued that they were a bit too expensive.

So after taking people’s comments on board, Vogue has permanently reduced her popular tanning foam and lotion from €25 to €19.

She has also reduced her instant tan from €18 to €15.

Taking to Instagram this afternoon, Vogue said: “I’ve got some very exciting news about Bare by Vogue. With our brand, I think always our main priority was was what you guys wanted from the brand.”

“We always listen to the fans of the brand, essentially you are the people buying it, you are the people using it, and your opinion is so important to us, and has always been so important to us.”

Vogue continued: “One thing I’ve noticed over the last year is that people thought that maybe the price was a little bit too high.”

“So after lots of discussions with my business partner, we have decided that we are going to do a price adjustment. I think with everything going so well and the brand just doing so brilliantly, we’ve been able to make this adjustment.

“And it’s not just going to be a one-time adjustment, it’s going to be forever. This is now what Bare By Vogue is going to cost,” Vogue added.

You can shop the full Bare By Vogue range at it’s new reduced price here