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Ryan Tubridy admits his new job on Virgin Radio UK ‘wasn’t meant to be’

Ryan Tubridy has admitted his new job on Virgin Radio UK “wasn’t meant to be”.

The popular presenter secured his own show with the London-based radio station late last year, after losing his RTÉ Radio 1 slot.

Speaking on The Evening Edition with Kait Borsay on Times Radio, the 50-year-old opened up about his daunting move to the UK, and why he felt like he needed a “big change”.

The show’s host asked him: “You up sticks, leave it all behind and come to a city – and actually starting afresh is quite a thing when you’re a 50-year-old guy, right?”

Ryan confessed: “It’s a shock to the system. And it took a bit of guts.”

“But I was ready for a big change. And London was the only game in town, in some ways. And even getting this job in Virgin – it wasn’t meant to be.

“And I’m not being all mystic and cosmic. It is strange how it all works out.”

Picture: Andres Poveda

When asked about his departure from The Late Late Show, he said that he “had enough of that.”

“I loved it and a couple years after the contract I said I was running out of road on it.”

Briefly touching on the RTÉ payments scandal and his departure from the broadcaster, Ryan recalled: “And then events, dear boy, events took over which we’re not going to get into – it’s for another day…”

“But it meant that, by the time I go to the autumn, I was ready for a change and for a different direction.”


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