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Roz Purcell set to play matchmaker as she plans series of hikes for singletons

Roz Purcell has revealed she’s planning a series of hikes for singletons.

The former model founded The Hike Life, a free hiking community, in 2019 – and is now using her hiking events to play matchmaker.

Speaking to Ray D’Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1, Roz explained: “I just released a series of singles hikes.”

“I do a lot of Q&As and my audience, there’s a mixed age group, but a lot of them always message me about dating dilemmas and not being able to meet someone online, especially the last few years in lockdown.”

“So I created a series of hikes for people to meet like minded people,” she continued.

“There’s an LGBT+ one, there’s an over 60s one and it’ll just be really great people watching for me. I think it’d just be nice and fun.”

Explaining how it’s going to work, Roz said: “They sign up and I suppose I do a little bit of match making, finding a hike maybe a little bit more in the midlands or equal territory.”

“So it’s kind of putting people together before they meet.”

“There’s a group so it’s speed dating. Every five minutes, I’m like, ‘change your partner’. It’s going to be great fun.”

“My parents are like, ‘Can we come along?’ I was like, ‘Why?’ And they were like, ‘Just to watch’.

“I think, especially over the last few years, it’s been very hard for people to meet other people.

“We haven’t had nightclubs, we haven’t had events so they can get outside and meet people who also like hiking.”


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