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Rosanna Davison gave up American dream to settle down


Rosanna Davison has revealed that she would never pursue a career over in LA – because she’s married now.

The former Miss World, who has previously worked stateside and appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine back in 2012, admitted that while she could have moved to the US – she chose to settle down instead.

“With America and LA you have to be based over there to get a foot in anywhere,” she told the Irish Daily Mail.

“If I were young, free and single I probably would, but I’m married.

“I don’t know how Wes would take it if I said we had to move to LA,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rosanna has just finished writing her second book, Eat Yourself Fit.

“I literally just posted off my book proofs so it’s going to print now.

“Everyone says second books or albums are difficult and it’s true. I was a lot more strict about editing this one and what I wanted to put in. You’re trying not to repeat yourself.

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Happy: Rosanna just finished proofing her second book | PATRICK O’LEARY

“I’m really happy with it and I think it’s stronger in terms of the content and pictures than the first one.

“Fingers crossed people will like this one,” she said.

While her second book is set for release in September, the blonde beauty hopes her book will sell worldwide.

“The last book was in the UK and on Amazon, so the idea is to promote more abroad too.

“It’s about which countries are interested in picking it up, and that’s not (in) my control really, but it did well on Amazon,” she added.