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Rory McIlroy's ex Holly Sweeney is six months pregnant

Her ex-boyfriend Rory McIlroy is having no luck in the relationship department, but cheerleader Holly Sweeney couldn’t be happier as she is expecting her first baby.

The 23-year-old is six months pregnant, and has just moved into a new house with her boyfriend Jeff Mason.

Holly has been dating Jeff for two years, who is an ice hockey player with the Belfast Giants.

holly bf

Soon to be parents: Holly and her boyfriend Jeff

While a representative for Holly confirmed the news, they told the Irish Mail On Sunday that Holly wants to keep things “private.”

Before meeting Jeff, Holly dated pro golfer Rory for six years, before a very public break up in 2011.

Days later it emerged Rory was now dating tennis star Caroline Wozniaki.

Rory McIlroy at Newstalk studios

Ex: Holly dated Rory for six years | VIPIRELAND.COM

At the time Holly said she was devastated:

“I always suspected he had a thing for her. He’s always been a big fan of tennis. When he was watching the women’s games he always said he fancied her but I didn’t take it that seriously – little did I know.

“It was Rory that ran away with Caroline – not the other way around – so I guess I blame Rory, or both of them if I’m totally honest,” she said.

While Rory and Caroline seemed like the perfect fit, the golfer broke up with fiance Caroline over text, just days after sending out their wedding invitations.


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