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Pat Kenny reveals his family are heartbroken following the death of their beloved dog

The broadcaster said Caspar was "part of the family"


Pat Kenny has revealed that his family are heartbroken, following the death of their beloved dog Caspar.

The 71-year-old was regularly spotted walking his Weimaraner hounds Caspar and Ruby in Killiney.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Pat said: “People stop me and say, ‘Where’s the other dog?’ I have to tell them he’s gone. Of course I feel sad, I still feel the lack of him, and I miss him.”

“But I suppose having two dogs, its not as destructive to your well-being as having one because if you lose a dog — but we still have the company of another, Ruby.”

Credit: Brendan Burke | shootmydog.ie

Pat explained: “There are two kinds of dogs, the ones that people treat as working dogs, like guard dogs, and the dogs that literally become members of your family — pets, who are on the sofa, not out in the shed.”

“That’s the way we live with our dogs. Even if you try and treat them like working dogs, they won’t let you do it.”

“They want to be members of your family and they absolutely become members of your family. They call them Velcro dogs because they stick to you like Velcro.”

Pat and his wife Kathy Kenny | VIPIRELAND.com

Speaking about Caspar’s death, the former Late Late Show host said: “Some dogs get very sick and you have to euthanise them because they are in pain and life no longer holds any joy. But Caspar did us a favour because he passed away on the couch.”

“That was a wonderful gift for us. He was 13 and ailing, creaky and being treated for a bad heart. He was in great form. But the end came when he literally stretched out on the couch, let out a two-second yelp and that was it, he was gone.”

“We had to pamper Ruby in the aftermath of Caspar’s death because although she’s a very independent dog, she was definitely lonely and we are helping her get over her grief,” Pat added.

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